2017 is the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Fair Close Centre. We are planning to celebrate this important year in a number of ways. Watch this space!

Firstly, plans have been drawn up to renovate and modernise the centre which has changed very little since it was built in the mid 1960s.  We plan to install automatic doors to the front entrance, to open up the entrance hall and add a new window to make a light welcoming reception area.

We plan to lower the ceiling in the main hall and to add insulation to the roof where none currently exists. This together with double-glazing for the hall windows should make the hall an altogether warmer place .

We also plan to remove the stage area which is rarely used and create a cafe/bar area which will make the hall a more versatile place to meet and eat, while also making it more appealing to potential hirers.

We have already raised £50,000 towards the cost of the works including £40,000 from the Greenham Common Trust. We need to raise a further £50,000 during the year.