About the Fair Close Centre

The Fair Close Centre was opened by the Queen Mother in November 1967 and in 2017, we celebrated 50 years of continuous service to the senior citizens of West Berkshire and North Hampshire. Our aim has always been to enrich the lives of older people by providing a place to go to spend time with friends and to meet new people. From singing and card games to crafts, flower arranging and bingo, there’s something for everyone.

Our kitchen provides a freshly cooked one or two course lunch 6 days a week and delivers meals on wheels 7 days a week to those who are unable to come to the Centre. Additional services including hairdressing and foot-care are available on a regular basis at affordable rates. The Fair Close Centre is managed by a warm team of staff and volunteers who fulfil a variety of roles from delivering meals on wheels to serving in the restaurant. The Fair Close Centre offers fun, food and friendship to ensure that our members feel involved and connected in a caring community.

Wonderful Staff


The Fair Close Centre has a team of full and part-time staff supported by wonderful volunteers who help to serve meals at the centre, organise activities and deliver the meals on wheels.


We welcome new members and always need new volunteers, so why not join us today!

Who’s Who at Fair Close

Centre Staff

James Wilcox Chief Executive
Louise Davies – Centre Manager
Teresa Burton – Welfare Officer
Libby Archer – Wellbeing Officer & Community Outreach
Di Eggleton – Front of House Receptionist
Georgie Cherryman – Meals on Wheels Co-ordinator
Fiona Grindrod – Meals on Wheels Co-ordinator
Kirsty Etwell – Centre Assistant
Sally Brown – Chef Manager
Brent Dearle – Second Chef
Evelyn Cannings
 – Kitchen Assistant
Karen Etwell – Kitchen Assistant
Marcia Gedeon – Housekeeping
Tony Herne – Maintenance
Brian Burton – Minibus Driver
Derek Upton – Minibus Driver


Josie Reed (Chair)
Will Cane (Treasurer)
David Astor
Jonathan Hopson
Allan Mercado
Margo Payne
Derek Peaple
Joe Barton


Harry Henderson

I work within adult social care. I have been able to use the services of the Fair Close Centre for a large number of people for social support. I have found the centre to be a wonderful way for people to feel part of the community. The hot meal service ensures people continue to have a good well-balanced diet Monday to Friday. I know the knit and natter is popular and has a real community feel.

Ann Record

West Berkshire Council

Get in Touch

If you would like to make a donation to Age Concern Newbury & District which runs the Fair Close Centre, please click on the button below. If you have any questions, please get in touch via email and we will do our best to answer you as quickly as we can.